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Our Services

SalarzaiFX is a educational service for all forex traders to provide high quality analysis and signals.

Our members receive full access to all of our Trade Signals and detailed analysis of all pairs which have been signaled.

Our Members also receive weekly educational analysis videos every Sunday before markets open and are also given video analysis with every Signal produced by one of our team members which will be directly in our Telegram Channel.

We also publish to our members all the trade setups for potential pairs we are looking to enter each trading week. We provide educational analysis videos with every potential set up also.

Vision Statement

“Our vision is to create a revolutionary FOREX educational service to simplify the science of trading”

Why Salarzai FX?

We are an educational forex signals business. We breakdown the art and science of Technical Analysis into simple and clear steps to make you proficient in trading in the forex market. Whether you are a novice or experienced trader, you can benefit from our services.

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